November 11, 2009 11:00 AM

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Marley Shelton has taken on many personalities during her 19-year acting career.

She was the girl next door in Bubble Boy, a hard-nosed FBI agent on the CBS series Eleventh Hour and a possible killer in A Perfect Getaway. But it’s her quirky role in 2001’s Sugar & Spice that helped prepare Marley for the arrival of her daughter, West, on September 6th.

“I played a cheerleader who was pregnant with twins,” she told Life & Style in an interview at her Los Angeles home.

“I remember doing my research for it, so it’s funny now to be living out motherhood. Thank God I didn’t have twins!”

Instead, Marley and her husband, producer Beau Flynn, welcomed one sweet angel.

“West is just full of smiles,” Marley, 35, says. “I could watch her smile for ages. She’s amazing.”

As for the unusual name, well, it has an unusual story. “My husband actually dreamed seven years ago that we had a daughter, and he was calling her West,” Marley recalls. “I immediately said, ‘If we ever have a daughter, we’re definitely naming her that.’”

Even though they saw West coming, adjusting to their new addition has been an adventure after eight years as a party of two. One night when Beau suggested to his wife that they go out for a romantic dinner, Marley had to remind him that they have a baby to worry about. His reply, says Marley: “Oh my God, that’s right!”

The piles of toys scattered around their warm home should’ve been a giveaway. “Beau loves buying toys for West online — which can be a problem,” Marley admits. “We’re constantly getting packages in the mail, and I’m like, ‘What did you buy for her now?’”

Still, Marley’s happy to have such a doting partner. His expert baby-sitting skills, along with help from family and a nanny, let the new mom indulge in restorative Japanese massage therapy, mind-clearing hikes and the occasional mani-pedi. But the star of the upcoming film Women in Trouble feels happiest around her little girl.

“I love everything about West,” Marley raves. “She’s just scrumptious.”

Source: Life & Style

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