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Updated November 05, 2009 03:00 PM

Josh Turner‘s oldest son Hampton Otis, 3, has already picked up some of Dad’s tricks for dealing with his new 4-month-old brother Colby Lynch. “If Colby starts crying in the car, Hampton will start singing to calm him down,” laughs the country star. “It’s got absolutely no effect on Colby, but Hampton tries! He’s been a great big brother. We thought he’d be jealous, but he’s been really loving.”

The sibling relationship isn’t always quite so harmonious, however. “Sometimes Hampton tries to pull his legs or poke his belly, and it’s like, ‘You can hurt your brother!'” But for his part, Colby seems to be taking things in stride. “He’s more laid-back and has Hampton beat in the sleeping category already,” says Josh, 31.

That’s a plus for a family that’s already taken its show on the road. Josh’s wife Jennifer, 31, who sings and plays the keyboard in his band, rejoined the tour with the boys in tow in August.

“We have a Pack ‘N Play bolted to the floor of the bus for Colby, and Hampton in a bunk,” Josh says. “Jennifer was on the road when she was pregnant with both of them, so they sleep better on the bus than they do at home!”

— Eileen Finan

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