Meet Bob and Max Sheen!

When Charlie Sheen‘s fraternal twin boys, Max and Bob, were born on March 15th, seven weeks premature, the experience had a profound effect on the Two and a Half Men star. “There are days I don’t even want to go to work because I want to be with my family,” Charlie, 43, tells In Touch in an exclusive interview.

It’s hard to believe that Charlie is such a dedicated family man now. Early in his career, the actor battled drug addiction and sex scandals, but 11 years ago, he turned his life around. Last May, he married Brooke Mueller Sheen, 31, and is now a doting dad to Max and Bob, daughters Sam, 5, and Lola, 3 ½, with ex-wife Denise Richards, and daughter Cassandra, 24.

“I feel like I’m doing something for the greater good,” He says. “They’re relying on me to make the right choices so they can have the life they deserve.” Adds Brooke, “I finally feel like everything has fallen into place.”

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After three daughters, what’s different about sons:
Charlie Sheen: Oh boy, I’m totally confused. I’m completely baffled. Not to be graphic, but this is my first time changing a diaper for boys. I’ve been peed on a little. Bob really impressed me – he hit the wall from two feet away. I was just glad I didn’t take it in the face!

Brooke Mueller Sheen: Charlie’s so great. He goes into the nursery, and he manages both of them. He’ll be holding one and have one in the baby seat, constantly looking back and forth.

CS: They’ve made me a better man. People think when they get married it will solve selfishness and be about the other person, but really that doesn’t happen until you have children.

BMS: I do see him being a better man now that the boys are here. He’s totally involved. I was a little worried I’d be the one doing most of the work, but I was wrong.

On Brooke as a mom:
CS: She’s unbelievable. She’s so great, caring, focused, compassionate, loving and selfless and eager to be involved and to learn. Her mom instincts are all there. I knew when she was just my girlfriend how great she was with Sam and Lola. So, I’m not surprised she was amazing from day one. We are a perfect match.

On Sam and Lola as big sisters:
CS: They came to the hospital, they’ve been to the house, and they’re affectionate and curious. They think the babies are dolls, so we have to be careful with how they hold them and handle them. We’re very hands-on and very protective, so we are guiding and teaching them how to deal with infants.

On how he and Denise are getting along now:
CS: We started noticing that when we get along, the kids are much happier. We had to do what’s best for Sam and Lola.

BMS: She is totally great, and it’s water under the bridge. Her daughters are blood relatives, and we want them to hang out with Max and Bob as much as possible.

On why they chose the names Bob and Max:
CS: I wanted to bring it back to basics. Their names aren’t even Robert or Maxmillian. If my children don’t like their names, they can always change them when they get older.

BMS: He was so into choosing the names for six months, I finally just said, “Okay, you choose the names for both babies.” He was happy about that.

On the twins’ looks and personalities:

CS: Bob is the more demanding one. He’s not afraid to express his desires.

BMS: He lets you know when he wants to be rubbed, cuddled, held, eat. He also lets me know if I kiss him too much!

CS: Max is pretty laid-back. He will hang out in the corner. He doesn’t need all the attention yet, but that could change tomorrow. I’m happy they are fraternal. I didn’t want to not be able to tell them apart!

BMS: Bob looks identical to Charlie. And Max looks like [Charlie’s dad] Martin [Sheen].

On sleep:
CS: Sleep’s not as bad right now. I feel bad for Brooke because she has to get up and pump. But as a new dad, it’s hard to sleep through the night. I go in and check on everybody. I worry because that’s what dads do.

On losing the baby weight:

BMS: “I’m going to bust my butt,” says Brooke, who’s working out with a trainer five days a week and eating with Freshology, organic gourmet meals that are calorie-controlled and delivered daily. “You lose weight fast from breastfeeding the babies, but it’s really those last pounds that are the hardest to lose.”

On Charlie’s past transgressions:
CS: My wild ways ended in 1998, so I’ve had over a decade of being a sober, contributing, law-abiding member of society. Sam and Lola were lucky they came into my life at a time when I was a lot more conservative, and the boys, as well.

BMS: It’s hysterical to me that he has this reputation. He’s such a family man. Charlie will still be the brunt of all jokes when it comes to hookers, but I’m not worried. It’s out of his system.

CS: [I’ll tell the boys about my past.] I’ll be completely up front and honest. I would try to show them how to be a man rather than tell them. I would teach them the same things my father taught me about integrity and morality, and always telling the truth. There are certain days I wake up and I’m waiting for someone to show up and say, “This is not your life, this is not the life you deserve.” I’m giddy at times because it’s not fair. I’ve had two lives – the crazy one and the stable one. I don’t need to do the crazy one anymore. I did it, I survived, and now I focus on things that matter.

On if the twins want to go into acting:
Charlie: Well, the Hollywood I started out in is different from the Hollywood I know today. But I will share all my experiences with them and everything I know. I’ll tell them, “Whatever your dreams are, I can’t stand in the way of them.” I wouldn’t have wanted someone to do that with me.

On balancing work with the boys:
CS: We finished our last taping a few weeks ago, so the timing worked out well. I was offered a few films recently, but I thought, I can’t abandon my family right now and go do something.

More kids?:
CS: I don’t know, we haven’t made any decision either way. We don’t think it would be fair to the boys right now to introduce another person into their lives so soon. You’ve got to focus on giving equal attention to both of them right now.

BMS: The pregnancy I had was so tough. Our children were born so early at just over 4 pounds, and it was really difficult and risky. I’m nervous to have another baby. I’d love to have a girl, but we’ll see.

Source: In Touch, May 11th issue

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