By peoplestaff225
Updated August 30, 2008 11:30 AM

Medela Tender Care Hydro Gel Soothing Pads

What can you do if you are a nursing mom and you are really sore? Medela makes two products that will soothe the "savage breast"– Tender Care Hydro Gel Soothing Pads (retails between $9- $14) and Tender Care Lanolin ($9.99).

Since my daughter was born in late December, I’ve had a lot of nursing issues –like latch problems and a low milk supply. But I’m glad I’ve kept at it and what got me through the extreme soreness and cracked nipples were gel pads. I’ve tried several different kinds, but Medela’s Tender Care Hydro Gel Soothing Pads are one of the best. They are reusable (for 24 hours), which is great because I wore them around the clock. They feel cool when you apply them and really helped to heal me. They contour to you and stay on. You can use them in place of cotton or disposable nursing pads. Ahh…they’re just sheer relief!!!

Medela’s Tender Care Lanolin also feels heavenly when applied. It’s safe for your baby to be in contact with and goes on very easily. I like to use it in conjunction with the Hydro Gel Pads. It comes in three sizes: 2.0 oz tube, .30 oz tube, and 2cc Sachets.

— Nancy