November 17, 2015 06:47 PM

With Fuller House on the way in 2016 and a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot in the works, it begs the question if there would ever be a future for TV’s favorite ’90s teenager, Blossom, which is now airing its reruns on The Hub.

“We’ve all aged pretty well and I think are still around the industry,” Mayim Bialik, the show’s eponymous star, told PEOPLE before she presented an award to actress Jennie Garth at the 2nd Annual Save a Child’s Heart West Coast Celebration.

She jokes with a laugh, “I think it is more of a legal, contractual, would Chuck Lorre still want me to be Blossom?”

Bialik’s two sons, Miles, 10, and Frederick, 7, have yet to see the show that made their mom a star, and according to her they will still have to wait a few years. “A lot of the topics that we dealt with I think are more appropriate for 14 and above, which is how old I was, so that feels right,” she explains.

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In fact, her boys haven’t seen any of their mom’s work on screen. “They’ve never seen anything, actually. They came to one episode of Big Bang and just saw a run-through,” she says.

While they may not be watching re-runs of Blossom just yet, Bialik’s boys are hitting plenty of milestones at home. “My 10-year-old is being very sassy, as I’m told 10-year-old boys can be,” she jokes.

Miles also isn’t thrilled about his mom’s imposed hygiene routine.

“The other night we had to trim toenails because it is something that has to happen. He was like, ‘Why do you have to do this to bedtime? Why do you have to make it so bad?’ ” she recalls.

But Bialik is taking this stage in stride. “He’s definitely got some of that 10-year-old swagger. He’s wearing a little leather jacket with his sweatpants around the house just really strutting his stuff.”

Another thing her children won’t be doing is making holiday lists. Bialik, who’s Jewish and considers herself to be modern Orthodox, has some rules for Hanukkah.

“Both of our boys just had birthdays so we don’t really feel the need to buy more things yet. We try to balance it out,” she explains. “We usually have a no Legos rule because for pretty much every other event of their lives all they want is Legos, so for Hanukkah we try to mix it up a little.”

“I was raised getting pajamas and a calendar and a pencil so I also throw in something very mundane like, ‘Here’s new socks,’ so they see what my Hanukkah history has been,” she adds.

Though Bialik and her ex-husband, Michael Stone, split in 2013, they make every effort to celebrate the holidays with their children. “We do it together as much as possible,” she says. “I’m a working mom so whether I was divorced or not, on the nights I have to work, he’s got them anyway.”

When The Big Bang Theory actress has to work, her ex still tries to include her in the festivities. “He’ll usually send me pictures of them on the nights that we’re not together and it’s a bittersweet, ‘Aw, I wish I was there.’ “

— Abby Stern

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