Maya Rudolph's 'Aggressive' Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy the second time around has been a breeze for Maya Rudolph, but the cravings are beginning to kick in! “I didn’t have any cravings or anything” with daughter Pearl Bailey, 3 ½, Maya revealed during a recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, “But I had this really weird experience where I was sitting up late, watching television, and all of a sudden my brain was like…’Hey. You awake?'”

“I said yeah…What do you want? ‘I know what you want. You want pumpkin bread.’ I’m sorry…What? Pumpkin bread? My brain was like, ‘Yeah, did I stutter?’ My brain is really aggressive.”

Maya went on to joke, “I don’t know when I’ve ever had pumpkin bread…do they sell it at Starbucks?’ Noting that “it’s not even October” and asking host Jimmy Fallon “isn’t that a seasonal loaf?,” Maya then posed the question to her baby-on-the-way. Looking down at her bump, she wondered,

“Why pumpkin loaf, buddy?”

Jimmy then joked that perhaps she could name the baby — a delivery surprise, and her second child with partner Paul Thomas Anderson — Pumpkin. “Aw,” Maya said. “That’s so cute.”

Maya and Paul’s second child is due this fall.

Source: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

— Missy

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