"I don't remember anything before motherhood," Rudolph tells PEOPLE.
Maya Rudolph Inherent premiere

Maya Rudolph has found her lucky number.

After welcoming her fourth child, daughter Minnie Ida, now 16 months, the actress and director Paul Thomas Anderson have decided their family is finally complete.

“Hell no,” Rudolph, 42, told PEOPLE at the Inherent Vice premiere Wednesday when asked if she sees more kids in her future.

“I would be a crazy person if that happened! I would be a crazy person!”

Rudolph already has her hands full — she’s also mom to daughters Lucille, 5, and Pearl, 9, and son Jack, 3 — and although she says being a mom is “great,” it’s a full-time job.

“I don’t remember anything before motherhood,” she says with a laugh.

But just because the infant days are over doesn’t mean Rudolph isn’t excited about the future for her family.

“We have all walking children now,” she explains. “It’s sad that the baby days are over, but it’s also like, ‘Okay, everybody’s healthy, we did it.’ Now we’re chugging.”

— Matthew Cole Weiss