See Inside 'PEN15' Star Maya Erskine's Nursery for Baby Leon: 'Keep It Simple and Don't Go Too Wild'

Maya Erskine says she did not "worry so much about cohesion" when creating the nursery for her son

Maya Erskine Nursery
Photo: Courtesy West Elm

Maya Erskine didn't overthink her cozy nursery.

The PEN15 actress and Michael Angarano welcomed their first baby earlier this year, son Leon Frederick, and the new parents partnered with West Elm Design Crew to create their ideal nursery featuring pieces from West Elm Kids.

Erskine, 34, and lead designer Dallas Wagman from West Elm Burbank worked together without a theme in mind and instead went with their instincts in terms of texture, colors and interior design. They describe the final space as light, airy and carefree.

"Don't worry so much about cohesion," says Erskine, "just get things you love. Keep it simple and don't go too wild because your baby will outgrow it."

Personal touches in the room include unique stuffed animals, a painting of their family dog Pearl, a collection of Japanese books from the Emmy nominee's childhood, plus a Peter Rabbit embroider rail cover from her cousin.

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The new mom says she's a "really indecisive person" but leaned on Wagman's insight. "It was amazing to have someone with a great eye help me pick things and assure me, so I didn't have to worry about anything," she says.

They avoided gendered blues and pinks, opting for what they say is a calming foundation of neutral tones with bold pops of color. Says Wagman, "This allows your child to figure out what they like without you forcing your own favorite colors on them."

The pair announced both their engagement and pregnancy publicly back in early November 2020. Right before Election Day, Erskine wrote on Instagram, "When 2 becomes 3 😍👼 And please vote. #bidenharris2020," alongside a pic of herself modeling her baby bump alongside Angarano.

The Sky High actor, at the time, also shared a photo of himself cradling her stomach, captioning it, "and then there were 3... also, we're engaged."

In a recent Vogue interview, Erskine said she told costar Anna Konkle (who had an overlapping pregnancy journey with Erskine) that she and Angarano "were going to start trying, before excitedly telling her the pregnancy news in person."

"[I] told her in person, socially distanced at a park, and then told all our friends in the ocean as a wave overtook us — again, socially distanced at the beach. It was very dramatic," she joked.

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