Maxine Bahns Introduces Madison Rose

As a seasoned athlete who’s competed in several triathlons, including the notoriously grueling Ironman — a race that consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run — actress Maxine Bahns thought giving birth would be a piece of cake. Wrong! Sitting down with Life & Style just nine days after her daughter, Madison Rose, was born on March 8th, the star of The Mentalist recalls being shocked by the intensity of labor. “The contractions were brutal,” she says. “But once the epidural kicked in, I was fine. I don’t know how women do it without one!”

Her hard work was clearly worth it. “I love the name ‘Maddie,’” says Maxine, gushing over her newborn with adventure-racer hubby Patrick Watson, 39. “I just think it’s a cool name. And ‘Rose’ is for Pat’s mom, Rosemary.”

As for which of her parents Maddie resembles most, Maxine sees a nice mix. “I’ve got a Chinese-Brazilian background, and Pat’s Irish,” she says. “Maddie’s got his eyes and skin coloring, and my legs and fingers.”

While being an athlete didn’t help during labor, it is making it easier to get back in shape. Maxine, who first broke out in 1995’s The Brothers McMullen, says she’s already shed 16 of the 28 pounds she gained during pregnancy, and the rest should come off once she starts training for the half-Ironman she plans to compete in this July. “I need to start soon,” she says. “The summer isn’t far off.”

She also looks forward to bringing the baby to the set of her hit CBS show. “I haven’t taken her out that much because she’s so tiny,” Maxine says. “But I want everyone to see her.”

For now, Maxine’s thrilled just to enjoy these precious first days at home with her baby girl. “There’s no sleep,” she explains. “It’s in chunks — two hours here, maybe another hour there — but it’s so worth it. The love you feel is just unbelievable. I’m embracing it. I look at her and I just go, ‘Wow.’”

Source: Life & Style

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