Maxi Cosi Rodi: Versatility down the road

Nothing has made me realize how fast time flies than when it became time to transition our Owen to a booster seat in the car. It seemed like just yesterday that we were strapping all 7-pounds of him into his infant car seat to leave the hospital for the first time … 35 pounds later, we have a full-blown kid on our hands. And he’s a very important kid, to us at least! So that booster seat he’s riding in? Every bit as important.

We recently tested the Maxi-Cosi Rodi booster seat ($99.99), designed for children 30-100 pounds and 34-57 inches, in the ‘Bijan’ fabric and were thrilled with the results. Like so many in Europe already know, Maxi-Cosi is a great brand making great products, and now the United States is finally able to get in on the fun. We loved so many things about the Rodi, I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll start at the beginning.

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Installing the Rodi was a breeze. After spending more than four years doing battle with several different convertible car seats, I can’t tell you what a refreshing change it is to just position the booster seat, place the child in the seat, thread the 3-point seat belt through the labeled guide, click it in place and be done. Because of the guide and Rodi’s adjustable headrest, which slides easily up or down, we were assured of a safe, correct fit for Owen with the seat belt crossing the base of his neck and going on to stretch across his chest. I snapped the seat belt a few times to be sure there was no slack and away we went!

The Rodi’s headrest and cushioned sides are padded with energy-absorbing EPP (expanded polypropylene) memory foam, which is excellent for crash and impact protection. Booster seats by design represent a departure from the increased safety of a convertible toddler car seat, so I do like Maxi-Cosi’s choice of EPP foam for the Rodi. Speaking of the headrest, it’s big. And I mean that in the best possible way! The headrest is not only wide, but it also has wings that cradle a sleeping toddler’s head perfectly, and I love the added protection they would provide in the event of an accident.

What we also appreciate about the Rodi is its versatility. It converts to a backless booster for use with bigger children ranging from 40-100 pounds and 43-57 inches, the headrest can quickly be adjusted as Owen grows taller courtesy of six different height positions, and the fabric seat pad (available in four colors) is removable for easy washing. Because the Rodi promises to evolve with our son, it works for us as a family not only now, but also later on down the road.

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