Matthew Broderick unsure about having children until James' birth

Actor Matthew Broderick wasn’t sure he wanted to have any children. Five years into his marriage, in 2002, his wife Sarah Jessica Parker told him she was pregnant, but up until James Wilkie‘s November 2002 birth, Matthew still wasn’t convinced having a baby was a good idea. Since the birth, though, Matthew has come around!

He said, "I feel truly blessed and incredibly happy to have my son. You always wonder if it’s a good idea to have a baby. I know I wasn’t sure I wanted one. But I’m shocked at how much I like having him around. Some chemical squirts into your brain and tells you it’s all worth it. You just become overcome with this strange instinct to protect this child."

Source: WENN

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If yes, what changed your mind (an unexpected pregnancy, spouse wanted children, eventual ticking of biological clock, etc)?

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