Matthew Fox Moving to Oregon For Kids' Sake

For the last few years, Matthew Fox and his family — wife Margherita and the couple’s two children, Kyle Allison, 12, and Byron, 7 ½ — have called Hawaii home, but that is all about to change. The 42-year-old Lost star says that after the show wraps up its sixth and final season next year, he’ll be moving his brood to Oregon. “I have a lot of family there now,” Matthew explained during a Tuesday chat with Good Morning America. “My brothers have kids, and we’ve been talking for ten years now about living closer to each other so that our kids can have good first cousin relationships.” He adds,

“I have first cousins who are like brothers to me. We really want them to have those kind of relationships. That’s been a goal of ours, and we’re making it happen.”

The 2-hour season finale of Lost’s fifth season airs May 13th.

Source: Good Morning America

— Missy

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