Matthew Fox wants to keep his kids out of the spotlight

Matthew Fox will showcase his acting talent in the new film Speed Racer and his son Byron, 6, can't wait.

He asks me every single day when the movie's coming out. He's seen the trailer of the movie. He's very excited.

In preparing for the release of the new film, the 41-year-old Lost star had to model for his new Racer X action figure. And while his family was excited about it, Matthew tries to keep the fame of his career separate from his family.

We're raising our kids in Hawaii. For me and for my wife, it's important that we keep those two worlds as separate as possible. I do the work, I go on a movie set somewhere, and there's a short period of time where I'm sort of in the spotlight promoting the film. My kids are never really aware that that's going on in any way.

Matthew and his wife Margherita are also parents to daughter Kyle, 9.

Source: OK! Magazine

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