March 02, 2012 03:00 PM

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Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker are well-known for being hands-on, but parenting twins comes with its own set of challenges.

The actor says daughters Loretta and Tabitha, 2½, didn’t make him a better multi-tasker, but they did teach him to resist catering to every whim.

“I’m now used to being unable to give everything the attention it deserves all the time,” Broderick, 49, told PEOPLE after a cabaret show at New York’s Café Carlyle.

“You have to be cool like that sometimes — somebody will be screaming about something and you can’t immediately give it to them. But they get used to it, so it’s sort of nice in a way.”

The actor, who recently paid homage to his famed Ferris Bueller role in a Superbowl ad, admits that his girls couldn’t be more different.

“I know enough that the personality switches. One at the moment is more Type A,” he says, then reconsiders. “They’re both kind of Type A. They’re two. They just run everything, you know.”

Most importantly, they get along like, well, sisters. “They are really very attached to each other. They’re really cute,” he adds.

Broderick — who’s also dad to son James Wilkie, 9 — did master the art of feeding both babies at once as newborns, but notes that they’re more independent now.

“It’s kind of sad with twins; they learn to, like, lie on the pillow because you can’t always hold them both. They’re more self-sufficient. They learn to take care of themselves,” he explains.

— Yelena Shuster

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