Matt Damon drops the sympathy weight

by auditioning contributor Laura:

According to the July 10th edition of Us Weekly, Matt Damon put on a few sympathy pounds during wife Luciana’s pregnancy with daughter Isabella, born June 11th. But with two upcoming movie shoots ("Ocean’s 13" in July and "The Bourne Ultimatum" in August), the star needed to get back in shape, fast!

The solution? Damon has been working out with trainer Robert Severiano at Miami Beach’s Equinox gym, three hours a day, five days a week, getting buff via a combination of strength training, circuit training, and an agility routine (i.e., kneeling on a ball and doing shoulder presses), not to mention joining his wife for yoga practice. All of his hard work has paid off: his trainer confirms that,"the six pack is there," and the actor is once again in shape and camera-ready. Way to go, Matt! (No word on what Luciana has done to drop her baby weight – although the couple were spotted out walking on Monday!)

Source: Us Weekly July 10th issue

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