December 22, 2015 04:10 PM

It’ll be an extra happy holiday for Matt Dallas: He’s a dad!

The former Kyle XY star and husband Blue Hamilton have welcomed their first child, a 2-year-old son named Crow, through adoption, they announced Tuesday in a video posted to YouTube.

While working up to their big announcement, the couple’s son shouts “Dad!” several times off camera — and eventually the proud papas give in to the talkative toddler’s determination to get screen time.

“And there he is, without further ado,” Dallas says laughing, as Crow — who is sporting a Love tee — climbs all over his parents.

Matt + Blue

Before introducing their son on camera, the couple explained the thought process behind opting for adoption rather than surrogacy.

“We’ve been talking about having kids for a long time — we both come from big families. Family is very important to both of us; raising a family of our own is very important to us,” Hamilton, 36, explains. “So it was just a matter of when, timing-wise, and how. Of course there was surrogacy, you can have your own [biological] kid, private adoption.”

He continues, “At first it was overwhelming. We’d spend nights as we were going to bed on our iPads reading about different ways… After spending some time researching, it seemed natural that we would go through the state.”

Adds Dallas, “There were just a lot of kids that really needed homes. There’s kids and babies waking up in office buildings, waking up in group homes. People that work for the state just don’t have enough time or resources to get to all of them.”

After being matched with their future son through Arizona Children’s Association, the couple were to undergo a six-month trial period to see if their baby boy fit well with their family. But, jokes the dads, it didn’t take long for the three to bond.

“There was about a six-minute trial period before we knew that he was going to be ours,” says Dallas. “For this Christmas holiday season, we got the best Christmas present ever.”

Says Hamilton, “So you can see that this kid is a special boy. This is our lives right now.”

The video ends with a montage of clips from Crow’s first few months with Dallas and Hamilton. But the singer promises he will be making many more appearances in the future.

“Now you can look forward to this crazy rambunctiousness in the rest of our videos,” Hamilton says.

Dallas, 33, announced his engagement to Hamilton, a musician, in January 2013. The pair later tied the knot over the Fourth of July weekend in 2015.

— Anya Leon

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