By peoplestaff225
Updated May 11, 2008 12:11 PM

Actress Sheree Murphy, 32, and her footballer husband Harry Kewell, 29, introduce their third child together, daughter Matilda, 7 weeks, in this week’s issue of OK! magazine. Together they talk about baby blues, the labor and birth, how their other two children, Taylor, 6, and Ruby Heather Toni, 4, have adjusted to a new baby sister, and more.

Click below for the interview highlights.

On the birth:

On how Sheree looked after delivering:

On what it was like bringing Matilda home:

On the baby blues:

On how they both picked Matilda’s name:

On how much weight Sheree put on during the pregnancy:

On how Taylor and Ruby have adjusted to having a baby sister:

On if their children will follow in their famous footsteps:

On if having children has changed their relationship:

On Harry being a protective dad:

On having more children:

Source: OK! magazine, Issue 622: May 13th 2008