Holiday Shopping Guide, part 3: Maternity/Mommy

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Baby Kaed
It’s in the bag! Plush changing mat, drawstring mess bag, cosmeticspouch, cell phone holder, pacifier purse, wipes case, 5 interiorpockets, 2 side pockets, even more zippers & pockets and a clip foryour keys!!! All of this without compromising style – Amazinglyfunctional diaper bags for the stylish mom!

CORRECTION: The URL for this site is If you tried to click on it before, it linked to the wrong site. We apologize.

New Native Inc.
Worn by Cindy Crawford & Kate Hudson, the New Native Baby Carrieris one of the most popular sling-style carriers on the market. Itfeatures a reinforced curved pouch that provides a cozy secureenvironment for your baby and peace of mind for you. See our newcolors!

Czela Bellies-CesareanWear (TM)
Lookingto spoil yourself or someone that’s recently had a C-section, orplanning one? See what the Hollywood buzz is all about! Try CzelaBellies-CesareanWear(TM). She’ll love these ultra comfy boy shorts forthat transitional time. Ultra fabulous & so hip just like her!
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Hot Mama Slings
Hot Mama Slings are custome made reversible pouch style baby slings.Slings are an excellent way to carry your baby from birth all the wayup to about 35 pounds! The natural design is easier on developing backsthan the upright baby bjorn style carriers. Hot Mama Slings are the wayyour baby was meant to be carried.
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