July 28, 2009 02:00 PM

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Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub has a mover and a shaker on her hands! The 38-year-old 24 star tells Celebrity Baby Blog that son Valentine Anthony is a walker — and he doesn’t let anything, or anyone, stand in his way. “When I try to give him a kiss, he just elbows me out of the way because he’s got a lot of stuff to do,” she explains. “When he was born into this world, he was on a mission…And I respect that.”

The comments came during Comic-Con in San Diego on Friday — Valentine’s first birthday. Although work commitments took her away from baby boy on his big day, Mary Lynn had big plans to celebrate upon her return home! She adds,

“We are going to party all weekend long. He likes to party. We are all going to take off our diapers and throw them around.”

Joking that Valentine’s latest milestone is “moving furniture,” Mary Lynn credits “chasing around the baby” for her amazing return to pre-baby size along with “working out, eating right and being happy.” The changes have been more than physical, however. “You think that you’ve had worries in your life, you think you’ve had responsibilities, and there is nothing that even compares to being responsible for a living being,” she notes. “It’s a monumental change.”

“Then again, things are normal. You’re still who you are so your life doesn’t revolve around this little being, but it changes. It becomes the biggest part of your life.”

Valentine is Mary Lynn’s first child with partner Matthew Rolph.

— Missy with reporting by Scott Huver

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