Mary Lynn Rajskub Works It Out

When she was pregnant with son Valentine Anthony, 8 months next week, Mary Lynn Rajskub says that her diet consisted primarily of “non-stop” sugar. “I shouldn’t be saying that,” she admitted during a St. Patrick’s Day appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show. “But you work it out later.” Work it out indeed! Valentine’s dad — Matthew Rolph — just so happens to be a personal trainer. “He’s tough, but he’s fair,” Mary Lynn, 37, joked. In honor of the holiday, host Bonnie Hunt treated her guests to a mug of green beer…and Mary Lynn was only too happy to have a sip! She noted with a laugh,

“I don’t get to drink much now that I have a baby. Gettin’ your buzz on and being a mom don’t mix.”

As for Valentine, who is named after Matthew’s great-great grandfather, Mary Lynn revealed that baby boy is keeping everyone on their toes! “He’s crawling, he’s pulling himself up…he kind of reminds me of my agent a little bit,” she said. “Like, first thing in the morning he’s ‘on.'”

“He’s got this, he’s got that…He’s making a deal with the carpet fringe. How much can I put in my mouth?”

Mary Lynn’s new movie Sunshine Cleaning is now playing in select theaters. She shared the below photo of Valentine checking out the fridge!

Source: The Bonnie Hunt Show

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