The new mom quips that her 7-month-old is so smart he's "speaking full sentences"
Credit: Toby Canham/Getty

It might just be a proud mom talking, but 24 actress Mary Lynn Rajskub makes it sound like her son is already as smart as her tech-savvy character Chloe – not to mention a man of action like Jack Bauer.

“Everything is going really well,” Rajskub tells PEOPLE of son Valentine Anthony‘s first seven months. “He’s getting a mouthful of teeth and he’s almost walking, which is pretty early. He’s just on the move. He’s got a lot to do: standing and pulling himself up, speaking full sentences, reading the dictionary in his spare time.”

No really … she quips: “He’s reading the dictionary to me. That’s how smart he is.”

Rajskub, who’s movie Sunshine Cleaning premiered Monday night in L.A., has been on the move herself, getting slim and trim without overdoing her post-baby workout regimen. “You have to take breaks and take naps when you need to, but if I have the energy I’m walking and pumping it a little. I have some yoga going on.”

She says she and her beau, personal trainer Matthew Rolph, may consider more kids in the future, but for now they’re focused on the new baby, and they’re also in no rush to tie the knot. “We’re just taking it moment by moment,” she says. “But it wouldn’t be a bad thing, I don’t think.”