Mary Lynn Rajskub: First trimester felt like 'a really bad hangover'


ActressMary Lynn Rajskub, 36, recently announced that she is expecting a baby in July with boyfriend Matthew Rolph. Now four months along, Mary Lynn looks back on her first trimester — but not with fondness!

I feel great. I was feeling kind of crappy for three months — like I had a really bad hangover.

However, now that she’s into her second, she feels much better, although she’s still processing the idea that she will be someone’s parent.

I’m really excited. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. Even talking about it is so new. Having a baby completely changes your point of view on life. Taking care of somebody else rather than putting yourself first — that’s huge.

As for her popular character Chloe — who had just found out she was pregnant when we last left the series — the 24 star laughs and says,

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. You know I have a big computer that I sit behind!

Source: TV Guide, February 18th issue, p. 13; OK!, February 11th issue, p. 12

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