Mary-Louise Parker's daughter's name revealed

Back in October, when actress Mary-Louise Parker adopted her daughter, she did not announce her name, but it soon came out that she was being called Ash, a shortened version of her birth name. CBB reader Sara writes in to tell us,

In today’s Washington Post "Celebrations" column (forweddings, anniversaries, births, etc.),  there was an announcement forthe sixtieth wedding anniversary of Mary-Louise Parker’s parents. Theylisted her daughter’s name as Caroline Aberash Parker — which is whereAsh comes from I suppose. Caroline is the name of Mary Louise’s mom.

Hope that is of interest to the blog readers — I didn’t recall seeing the little girl’s full name listed before now.

CBB reader Bron writes,

Aberash is an Ethiopian name — it means  "giving off light" in Amharic.

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