Mary-Louise Parker's children love the fire alarm

Actress Mary-Louise Parker, 43, was so surprised by her Golden Globe nomination — for TV show Weeds — that she burned the waffles she was making.

I was in the kitchen making breakfast for my kids. I was making waffles, which almost caught fire. I was on the phone for a long time and then I noticed it was really smoky.

But her children, son William Atticus, 3 ½, and daughter Ash didn’t mind the fire alarm going off at all.

It was kind of fun. My kids like it when the smoke alarm goes off. It’s loud, and exciting, and my son gets to pick up the broom and hit the ceiling with it.

When talking about the up-coming holidays, Mary-Louise is going the traditional way.

Oh god, I hadn’t thought about that. We’re putting up the Christmas tree, which is fairly celebratory. I don’t know, I’m pretty square.

William’s father is actor Billy Crudup, 39, and Mary-Louise adopted Ash in September.


Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

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