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Updated August 23, 2009 07:00 PM
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As Martina McBride‘s three daughters have gotten older, the country singer says balancing work and family has gotten harder — not easier. When the girls were younger, it was easy to bring them on the road as mom would tour in support of her country music career; Now that older daughters Delaney Katharine, 14, and Emma Justine, 11, are entering their formative years things have gotten complicated, however! “For instance, this weekend, the two older ones will stay home because they have volleyball tryouts and the freshman retreat and different things that they have to do for school,” she explains.

Whether they’re at home or on the road, Martina, 43, says that when they’re able, eating dinner together remains a priority. The family of five — which includes Martina’s husband John McBride and Ava Rose Kathleen, 4 — “really love to be together,” she says. “I was just noticing last night we sat down to dinner and we were all talking and my 4-year-old started telling a story while one of the other girls was telling a story,” Martina recalls. “And I told her, ‘Just wait a minute; it’s not your turn.'”

Martina’s 10th studio album, Shine, is available now.

Source: NewsOK

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