August 01, 2012 12:00 PM

Courtesy Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart is known for her refined taste — and judging by her grandchildren‘s playroom, it seems her daughter Alexis has inherited the design gene.

“[It’s] where we all spend the most time hanging out!” the mom of Jude, 17 months, and Truman, 5 months, says in the September issue of Martha Stewart Living. “I like that it’s both great for kids and pleasing to adults.”

Alexis — who welcomed both of her children via gestational carrier — had longed to be a mother for years, undergoing costly and emotionally-taxing fertility treatments for years.

“Getting Jude was lucky,” she told PEOPLE shortly after the birth. “I’m happy, but this has been rough.”

Now fully immersed in motherhood, Martha’s only child, 46, has converted her Manhattan home into a child’s wonderland, complete with a whimsical Arctic-themed mural in the nursery — a gift from grandma and her crafts editor Hosanna Houser. And spoiling her grandchildren is nothing new to Martha.

After Jude’s birth, “[Martha] brings this huge box from Bergdorf [Goodman],” Alexis said at the time.

“I open it up and I look inside and it’s full of baby clothes, all with embroidery, and I’m like, ‘Wow, I guess I’m going to be allowed to buy myself something pretty nice because all this stuff’s going back!'”

Not so much anymore.

Courtesy Martha Stewart Living

— Lesley Messer

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