"I have a right to b irate 4 many things n tweet what I want!" Sonia Granados, who wed Nick Pendergrast on Married at First Sight, wrote on Twitter

Married at First Sight alum Nick Pendergrast‘s ex-wife Sonia Granados — whom he wed on the show and separated from in January — is not happy about his surprise baby news.

The property manager, 33, announced exclusively to PEOPLE on Thursday he’s expecting twins with his new girlfriend, AfterBuzz host Heather Yerrid, 32.

After the news broke, Granados took to her Twitter account to vent. “Now we ALL know why after buzz was always throwing shade at me #Congrats2theLoveBirds,” she tweeted.

Granados also insinuated Pendergrast and Yerrid — who is nine weeks into her pregnancy — got together while they were still working on their marriage.

Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast
Credit: Kinetic Content

“Yep, While he was trying to ‘work’ things out with me but telling her different. Good luck to them both,” she tweeted at a MAFS fan. (Pendergrast previously told PEOPLE he and Yerrid did not meet face-to-face until early May after his divorce was finalized.)

“Sonia and I have not discussed my new life or the great news of me being a father,” Pendergrast told PEOPLE exclusively of why he didn’t let Granados know Yerrid was pregnant before going public with the news.

“I have never called any of my exes and let them know that I was in a new relationship. She will find out with the rest of America. Like I said on TV, until I get permission from the missus, ‘I’m not a kisser and a teller.’ I truly hope she finds all the happiness she so deserves.”

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Granados later followed up, tweeting that she wishes “Heather n Nick well but I have a right to b irate 4 many things n tweet what I want!” She also told her followers not to “feel bad for me. At. All. Trust me when I tell y’all!”

Pendergrast also took to Twitter to defend himself, telling Sheila Duhon — who stars on the current season of Lifetime’s hit show (produced by Kinetic Content) — that her negative tweets about Yerrid are “inaccurate” and “alternative facts.”

He also told a MAFS fan who claimed he cheated that “Sonia knows” he didn’t. “Say what you will to make your day most exciting … Babies are miracles. Focus on that,” he wrote.

“I was told I would not be able to have kids. Needless to say these #twins are a gift from God & we’re elated,” added Yerrid on her own Twitter account.