Mark Hoppus, formerly of Blink 182 and now +44, and his wife, Skye Hoppus were interviewed by Baby Couture Magazine recently. The couple talk about their son, Jack, 4, Skye’s clothing brand Childish and Mark being nominated as one of Baby Couture’s top 50 Hautest dads. Here are some highlights; click here for the full interview, including more on Jack’s most extravagant gift, Jack’s experiences watching their shoes and the style and type of clothing Jack wears.

They spend lots of time together as a family.

Jack, Skye and Mark all love DisneyLand and frequently visit the theme park in California. They also stayed near Buckingham Palace in London, which Jack loved, as well as the Big Ben. Jack recognized it from the Disney film, Peter Pan. They also go out for breakfast every morning together before Skye goes to work, Jack goes to school and Mark goes to the studio.

They all travel together (along with other celebrity children).

Former bandmate Tom DeLonge,of Blink 182 and his wife, had their daughter, Ava, 3 weeks before Jack was born, so when they all went on tour Skye said it was great because the kids were so close in age. Also on the Greenday tour were the children of Adrienne and Billie Joe.

What are Skye’s goals for herself?

"To be the best wife and parent I can be. I think there’s no more important job in the world."

How do they spoil Jack?

"He’s beyond spoiled! (Laughs!) The best thing you can do for your kid is to give him lots of love and attention." Jack has traveled everywhere and they pride themselves on being a family unit.

How does Mark feel about being nominated as one of Baby Couture’s Hautest dads?

"Very cool. Very cool to be part of the top 50 hautest dads. I’m stoked. That’s rad."

What’s his toughest role; husband, dad or rock star?

"I love being a Dad. It’s probably the toughest role, but it’s also the most rewarding and it’s the best!"

Strict dad or spoiler?

Mark says that he trys to be strict and to spoil at the same time. "I mean you try and raise your kid with good values and you try and teach him right from wrong. Some things you gotta be strict on, but at the same time the kids 4 years old, so you want him to have fun in life and enjoy himself. "

Thanks to CBB reader Elena