February 04, 2016 12:00 AM

Mark Zuckerberg has a few handy tricks up his sleeve for diaper duty.

The new dad celebrated Facebook’s birthday Wednesday with a fan forum, where he shared one of his dad hacks with a fellow new parent.

“It’s awesome. It’s very different from what I expected,” Zuckerberg, 31, said about raising his 9-week-old daughter Max with wife Dr. Priscilla Chan.

“Have you figured out yet that when you change the diapers you have to slide the new diaper underneath?” he asked the audience adding, “That saved me a lot of time and wasted clothing.”

As the social media platform continues to advance it’s format (the company acquired Instagram in April 2012 for $1 billion), Zuckerberg predicted what’s next in technology: virtual reality headsets. And it’ll be helpful for parents too!

“In terms of capturing moments, hopefully in a year Max will be taking her first steps. I want to take a 360 video of it so when my parents aren’t there, my grandparents aren’t there, they can experience it,” he said.

“They can be in the scene. They can feel like they are there in the living room experiencing that moment, there’s an emotional power to that, an ability to convey an idea in a much stronger way.”

For Facebook’s 12th birthday, the CEO chose to celebrate its 1.5 billion users, instead of the company overall, for the first-ever Friends Day. Once midnight has passed all around the world, users will be able to make friendship videos to celebrate Friends Day.

— Karen Mizoguchi

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