Mark Zuckerberg Uses AI Jarvis to Teach Daughter Max Mandarin (and Finally Reveals the Celeb Voice Behind His Creation!)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shares the features of his new at-home AI, including how it helps him and wife Dr. Priscilla Chan teach daughter Max Mandarin

Mark Zuckerberg‘s newest venture makes him quite literally a superhero dad.

Taking a leaf out of Tony Stark’s (a.k.a. Iron Man’s) book, the Facebook CEO, 32, designed a new AI to help run the home he shares with wife Dr. Priscilla Chan, 31, and their 1-year-old daughter Max. The system’s name? Jarvis, after the fictional genius engineer’s own in-home AI.

But unlike Stark’s Jarvis, who is voiced by Paul Bettany, the Zuckerberg home enjoys the soothing tones of everyone’s favorite voice-over actor: Morgan Freeman. And one thing the real-life Jarvis can do? Let her parents know when Max is awake — and teach her Mandarin in the meantime.

“Jarvis, your Mandarin is so soothing,” Zuckerberg tells the system as he enters his daughter’s room to demonstrate how it works in conjunction with Max’s morning routing.

“Xièxie,” Jarvis answers, which roughly translates to “Thank you” in Mandarin.

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The impressive system helps the family in a multitude of other ways, like turning off lights, controlling the temperature, helping make breakfast and setting up conference calls with simple voice commands. It’s even a built-in security system of sorts for the family, letting guests in automatically at the front gate of their home.

“How about just play some songs that our whole family likes?” Zuckerberg asks the system as he, Chan and Max sit together on the couch. In reply, Jarvis starts playing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

“What? I’m a dad now, this is what I listen to,” Zuckerberg addresses the camera playfully.

“Jarvis also likes to join our family for playtime,” the dad of one explains as he and his family relax in bed together. “Who should we tickle next?”

“I think we should tickle … Max,” Jarvis says.

“I’m also experimenting with other voices,” Zuckerberg tells his viewers in the same segment.

“Stop her! She’s getting away! Do it now!” Jarvis says (now in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) by way of demonstration as Max toddles out of the room.


Chan also posted a video of her experiences with Jarvis. In her clip, mother and daughter are shown wearing matching hot-pink puffy coats inside the house, and Chan asks, “Jarvis, can you turn the temperature up?”

“Oh, Jarvis only listens to me,” Zuckerberg says.

His wife gives him a look in return, to which he replies, “I’ll fix that.”

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