November 20, 2015 02:30 PM

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg may play dueling dads in the upcoming comedy Daddy’s Home, but when it comes to their own children, both stars know how to score approval points.

The actors told Entertainment Tonight that they’ve used their Hollywood hookups to surprise their kids.

“We went to the Super Bowl a couple years ago, that was a big one — they had a great time,” says Ferrell, who shares sons Axel, 5, Mattias, 8, and Magnus, 11, with wife Vivica Paulin.

“We got to go on the field and we sat in the same suite as Sir Paul McCartney. But they couldn’t care less. They didn’t know who Paul McCartney was.”

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Wahlberg, who teamed up with the Saturday Night Live veteran once before in 2010’s The Other Guys, admits shakin’ it off with his daughter Ella put him in good favor with the 12-year-old.

“Recently, taking my daughter to Taylor Swift, and then getting them to meet Taylor backstage and getting a picture — that was pretty big,” he reveals.

Wahlberg’s even found an activity that his whole family — including daughter Grace, 5, and sons Brendan, 7, and Michael, 9 — can agree on: wrestling.

“We went, all four of my kids — my daughters as well — are really into wrestling, they really love the WWE,” Wahlberg explains. “So the Big Show is a friend of mine and we went and saw him wrestle, and then he came to my house and he wrestled a little bit with my kids.”

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But the actors do partake in some regular dad activities with their respective broods, too.

The Ted star gets “worked up” on the sidelines of his sons’ football games, and Ferrell says he and Paulin have just signed on to coach son Mattias’ soccer team.

“My wife and I are coaching, together, our 8-year-old’s team,” he shares. “So, look out, AYSO Region 76. Here comes the Chargers!”

Above all, Wahlberg says he tries to instill a sense of humility in his children.

“Giving the kids what I never had,” he says, “but also making sure that they’re appreciative, they work hard, they don’t become spoiled or entitled.”

Daddy’s Home hits theaters Christmas Day.

— Lindsay Kimble


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