By peoplestaff225
Updated January 15, 2010 02:00 PM

When it comes to family planning, Mark Wahlberg‘s approach is simple.

“I’m the youngest of nine,” the Lovely Bones star points out during a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, “So the more the merrier.”

Of course wife Rhea Durham — who delivered the couple’s fourth child, daughter Grace Margaret, earlier this week — has a well-earned say-so in the matter, and for now she is standing pat.

That’s not to say a change of heart couldn’t occur, however. Although Rhea has been “hinting” that their family — which includes Ella, 6, Michael, 3 ½, and Brendan, 16 months — is complete, Mark isn’t so easily convinced. “She loves being a mother, so she may end up wanting one more,” he muses before adding,

Just what could motivate the model, 31, to contemplate a fifth pregnancy? The rest and relaxation afforded by the maternity ward! “She likes hanging out at the hospital,” Mark jokes. “It was the first time we had a couple of days of peace and quiet, even though she had to go through the pain of giving birth.”

Likening the experience to a hotel stay, Mark, 38, pointed out that mom and dad even had their own televisions for viewing. “She didn’t really want to go home,” he said.