Mark Wahlberg Gets Manicure from 11-Year-Old Daughter Grace: 'She Got Me Again'

"I thought Halloween was over," Mark Wahlberg says in a video while showing off the long black nails his daughter Grace, 11, did for him

Mark Wahlberg gets manicure from daughter
Photo: Mark Wahlberg/Instagram

Mark Wahlberg's daughter treated him to a manicure β€” again!

On Monday, the actor, 50, shared a brief video on Instagram in which he showed off his new nails, showcasing the long black tips his 11-year-old Grace Margaret applied for him.

"I thought Halloween was over," he says with a sigh in the video, showing the nails to the camera, then panning to his laughing daughter nearby. "She got me again."

Last year in March, Wahlberg documented as Grace practiced her beauty techniques on him while the family isolated together during the pandemic. "So 15 days into quarantine now, I'm getting pedicures, manicures and apparently full makeup," said Wahlberg at the time in a video. "She's got her whole kit there. This is what's happening now."

Grace applied peach and lavender colors to her dad's nails, which he showed off on his Instagram Story, teasing, "I don't know if you're gonna have a career in this."

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"I'm only good at makeup, so your makeup's gonna be on fleek," Grace told Wahlberg, who replied, "On fleek? What's fleek? 'On fleek,' whatever that means."

"This is a hack job," the Ted actor joked after assessing his daughter's nail work. "Are you good at this?! Have you ever done this before?!"

Wahlberg shares four kids with wife Rhea Durham: daughters Ella, 18, and Grace, plus sons Michael, 15, and Brendan Joseph, 13.

He recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about raising his kids in the public eye, explaining that he tries to give them as much of a normal life as possible. "Me being in the public eye, there are pros to that, but there's a lot of cons," he said.

"My kids wanna have their own identity, you know? I'm not allowed to get out of the car at football practice or a game," said Wahlberg. "I gotta sit in the car and watch."

"At first I took it personally, because I wanna be there to support them, but supporting them is by making them feel comfortable in what they're doing and them having their own identity too," he added. "It's very difficult."

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