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Updated November 19, 2008 07:00 PM

Scott Kirkland/INF

Mark Wahlberg tries to do the best that he can with everything in his life, but the one thing that he doesn’t want to fail at is being a father to Ella Rae, 5, Michael, 2 ½, and Brendan Joseph, 9 weeks. "I’m much more concerned with being a good dad and being there for them and teaching them and hopefully helping them avoid some of the mistakes that I’ve made," shared Mark in a new interview with Journal Live. Part of that includes being very strict when it comes to the types of entertainment his children are allowed to watch and helping them to develop good role models, which can be hard to do, according to the 37-year-old, since the family currently lives in Hollywood.

Mark has found positive role models for Ella after watching a HBO documentary about the United States’ women’s soccer team. The actor saw "all these girls following [the team] around and going to games and having somebody that’s a really positive person to look up to" and that give him hope for Ella. "Now my daughter is playing soccer. My son is dying to go to karate, but it’s fun."

Ella, Michael and Brendan’s mom is Mark’s fiancée, model Rhea Durham.

Source: Journal Live