May 08, 2015 04:30 PM

It sounds like Marky Mark isn’t the only fast talker in the Wahlberg family.

During a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowMark Wahlberg admitted his preteen daughter Ella, 11, has been known to answer back to her famous father.

“Oh yes, it happens,” the actor joked to Ellen DeGeneres.

But the father of four — he and wife Rhea are also parents to Michael, 9, Brendan, 6, and Grace, 5 — isn’t fazed by the adolescent antics.

“It’s so funny because I went through the same thing myself, as I know everyone in the audience has. You think your parents don’t know anything. You think they’re old. They’re out of touch, they’re not hip with what’s going on,” Wahlberg, 43, explains.

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And although “she thinks she knows it all, she’s my baby. She’s my angel,” he says, before joking, “but she’s not getting a phone yet.”

Having a mobile device is a sensitive subject in his home: While Wahlberg and his wife are holding out on buying one for their daughter, the actor admits Ella is one of the few without a cell phone.

“All of [her friends have one],” he says. “And in younger grades, which makes her even more crazy … In this day and age, they have access to so much information. You don’t want kids seeing that kind of stuff.”

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But while Ella and her brothers and sister will have to wait on phones, there are still plenty of perks to having Wahlberg as a dad. Take, for example, his cool collection of cars.

“I like my car because it’s very unassuming,” he says of his Toyota Sienna minivan, which has rims, Direct TV and tinted windows.

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He adds, “I have tons of bags of Lifesavers. My kids always want to go in there — they call it the mint mobile — and they want to drive to school in that so they can have mints before they go to school.

The one person who won’t be caught cruising in the flashy family vehicle? “My kids love it. My wife will not get in it for anything,” he admits.

— Anya Leon

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