Having Children Made Mark-Paul Gosselaar Mature

Jen Lowery/Startraks

The entertainment business has a way of disrupting the lives of families, but actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar is doing his best to make sure that isn’t the case for him, wife Lisa Ann and their children Michael Charles, 4 ½, and Ava Lorenn, 2. The Saved by the Bell alum admits that "at times it can be difficult to balance my career and my family but my family always comes first." Being a family man has also changed the way Mark-Paul views his work and accepts jobs.

"Having children has made me mature in ways that I think are positive to my career and yes, my family does affect the type of work that I accept. Mainly with traveling. If a show were to be filmed in another state other than California, I would have to make a very educated decision regarding it."

Mark-Paul can currently be seen in the TNT series Raising the Bar, where he portrays the character Jerry Kellerman.

Source: Washington Post

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