"This time period, for dads in particular, the clouds move away and the sun opens up," he tells PEOPLE

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Updated November 05, 2015 01:30 PM

Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath is living his dream these days — but not as a rock star.

“My dream was to coach baseball and basketball,” McGrath told PEOPLE at the Rhonda’s Kiss All-Star benefit concert to raise funds for cancer care in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

“And it’s happening now. I’m an assistant coach. I have a whistle! I get all into it. It’s a joy.”

And it’s all thanks to his son Lydon Edward. The 5-year-old recently took up sports which opened the door for McGrath to take up coaching Little League.

“This time period, for dads in particular, the clouds move away and the sun opens up. I’m a father first and foremost,” McGrath says. “I can’t be the head coach because I travel so much. I demand to be the assistant coach though.”

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But does his son’s team realize they have a bonafide rock star coaching them? “They don’t care,” jokes McGrath. “Sometimes I’ll go to practice and a kid will go, ‘My daddy says you’re a singer, sing something.’ I’m like, ‘We don’t sing on the spot brother, but Google me when you’re 13.’ ”

Meanwhile, McGrath’s daughter, Lydon’s twin sister Hartley Grace, may be following in her father’s musical footsteps. “My little girl loves to sing. If I hear ‘Let It Go’ one more time, I’ll have to let my brain go,” he adds with a laugh.

And if she decides to pursue a career as a musician, McGrath has her back. “I will definitely support them. I know the pitfalls of this industry. I’ve gone through it, I’ve been in those pits, but if you’re aware of the land mines, it’s a beautiful industry,” McGrath explains.

“I would never force them to do anything, but one thing I will never do is scare the hell out of me like my parents did. I’ve learned to love a lot.”

— Matthew Cole Weiss