Mariska Hargitay hosts a Hot Moms Club Soiree

Mariska Hargitay played host at the “Suave Hot Moms Club Soiree” benefiting the Step Up Women’s Network. The VIP event, held at a private estate in Beverly Hills, was thrown by Suave and the Hot Moms Club to help remind moms to put beauty back on their to-do lists.

Mariska was joined by other celebrity moms like Mira Sorvino, Brooke Burke, Maria Bello, a very pregnant Kellie Martin, Melissa Joan Hart, Rebecca de Mornay, Alison Sweeney, Carrie-Anne Moss, Ione Skye, Soleil Moon Frye, Lauren Holly, Helen Kinnear (Greg’s wife), Keisha Whitaker (Forest’s wife) and Tracy Wyle (Noah’s wife) who sipped cocktails and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of beauty and socializing in the Hollywood Hills. Guests were treated to a “Hot Mom Hairstyles” runway show with styles created by Suave celebrity hair guru Harry Josh and were then invited to re-create the looks by visiting Harry and his team of stylists at the Suave Hair Style cabana. “Hot Mom Manicures” were available, plus a silent auction benefiting Step Up Women’s Network, a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to strengthening community resources for women and girls.

“I loved hosting the Suave Hot Moms Club Soiree! It’s always great to get together with other moms who share the same experience,” said Mariska. “As moms, we always put our child’s needs first. But, I’ve also realized that it’s very important to take care of myself too. So, I think it’s great that Suave and Hot Moms Club are reminding moms to put themselves on the to-do list.”

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“While it’s not overly surprising that moms across the country often put their children and families first, somewhere in the unwritten guide to motherhood, beauty has been pushed to the backburner,” says Jessica Denay, author of the Hot Moms Handbook and co-founder of the Hot Moms Club. “Beauty definitely has a place within motherhood and the truth is, when you look good, you feel better about yourself.”

Put beauty back on the to-do list – Some small, simple steps can go a long way in helping mom get beauty back on her list. For instance, I suggest using beauty products like Suave that work, but don’t cost a fortune.

Ditch the sweats! – It’s hard to feel beautiful when you’re covered in head-to-toe sweats. So, take pride in your appearance and wear clothes that show off who you are. I suggest that every mom own some great-fitting basic items. The must-haves: a pair of good jeans, a white button down shirt or blouse and a cashmere sweater set – these go-to items will take you far!

Add some accessories – Little accents can make your “basics” look anything but basic. Try experimenting with brightly colored bags, a beautiful piece of jewelry or a gorgeous scarf. And, the added bonus, people will never notice that you wear your favorite black pants and white blouse if you have a fun accessory to change up the look.

Find your inner siren – Sexiness is a state of mind. But, it’s hard to feel sexy when you’re changing diapers all day and showering so fast the mirror doesn’t fog. Try doing something each day or at least once a week to nurture your inner siren – that sensual and beautiful woman inside you. Take a trip to a lingerie store and buy some outrageous panties and wear them to your next PTA meeting just for fun!

Cultivate your spirit and creativity – Too often, mothers throw in the towel on their personal interests after they have children and forget about the women that they were before having children. But, don’t. If you used to love to dance, don’t stop! So when you drop your child off at ballet class go ahead and take a swing class yourself! It will make you happy and enhance your inner self! For more tips on how to put beauty back on the to-do list, visit or

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