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Self-portrait at 22 weeks – Courtesy Marisa Miller

Thanks for welcoming our newest expectant celebrity bloggerMarisa Miller!

Throughout her career, the model and former Victoria’s Secret star has graced over 80 covers — including Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Shape and GQ — and is a spokesperson for the NFL as well as the face of Harley Davidson.

She can next be seen in the upcoming film R.I.P.D., costarring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges.

Miller, 34, married husband Griffin Guess, a music producer and talent manager, on April 15, 2006 and they’re expecting their first child — a boy! — in early December.

You can find Miller on Facebook and Twitter @MarisaMiller.

At one of our appointments, my midwife told me that the best way to describe the three trimesters is dreary, cheery and weary.

I’ve just entered my third trimester and this has definitely been accurate for me! The first trimester was exhausting — the changes in my body were uncomfortable and I was trying to navigate the best way to adapt.

My clothes couldn’t comfortably accommodate my bloated belly and I didn’t even have a baby bump at that point. The baby was only the size of kiwi or something. This was just bloat! I had to unbutton and unzip just to get into my truck or sit down. How is this happening when the baby is this tiny?!

I loved my second trimester! I didn’t feel sick anymore and had more energy. My bloated belly turned into a baby bump and I definitely looked pregnant. That was a relief because when I was around 4.5 months, you could see people having this inner monologue with themselves, wondering if I ate too much pizza or if I was pregnant.

I also was seeing numbers on the scale I’d never seen before. I hadn’t ever owned a scale because you can become a bit obsessive and I didn’t want to focus on a number, but since becoming pregnant, it became an important part of charting my progress so I bought one. Of course, I then became obsessed.

I was a little nervous seeing how each week equaled another pound. My sister told me, “Your body knows what it’s doing. You are exercising and eating healthy so whatever weight you are gaining is healthy.” This was so great to hear because she was right. Whatever the number, was exactly what my baby and body needed.

It also helped that my husband was loving the extra weight and was telling me it looked better. Love him!

My bra size has gone up two cups already. When I told my mom, she said — with almost an evil laugh — “Oh honey, just wait until your milk comes in.” That’s comforting. There is a point when big boobs are overrated.

Then my sister started telling me how much your boobs change from pregnancy and breastfeeding. “Playboy to National Geographic in a matter of months,” as she put it. Awesome! Well, I guess I should enjoy it now.

Maui babymoon in August – Griffin Guess

My husband and I went to Maui for our babymoon and I’m so happy we did. We went back to the same hotel where we stayed for our honeymoon — it was really special to take the time to reflect on all that’s happened since we’ve been married. Griffin and I also wanted to take advantage of having some alone time and sleeping in because I’ve been told we will never sleep in again!

My body has started to get achy with the extra weight, but swimming in the warm ocean was amazing and really helped. It took so much pressure off my back and hips. I also discovered that I could hit the breakfast buffet and then be in a bikini five minutes later — nobody could tell the difference between my baby bump or multiple slices of french toast!

At this point, my husband could finally feel our son’s kicks and movement and it was priceless seeing his face light up. I think it’s hard for men to really grasp what’s going on until they see their baby. It’s a very important moment when they can feel the baby move so they can really try and connect with what’s going on.

Now that I’m at the beginning of my third trimester, I’m really starting to appreciate the steps I’ve taken to stay healthy. I’ve learned a lot from hearing other women’s tips, so I wanted to share what has worked for me and hopefully some of it can be helpful for you.

We all know how important exercise is, and during pregnancy it has really paid off. Pilates has been my saving grace. I’m definitely not working out as intensely as I was before — and it’s completely modified now — but it’s still very effective.

I’ve taken out ab work, really watch my heart rate and lowered the resistance weight. The focus is more on stretching, breathing, modified lunges, squats, arms, back and chest. On days I’m tired or not feeling great, I focus more on stretching. It’s more important to just take time each day to move my body and stay in a routine.

I haven’t had any round ligament pain and I still feel flexible and strong even throughout all the pregnancy changes. When I don’t work out, my back really starts to bother me and I can feel a huge difference in how my body feels.

My diet has been pretty healthy. I still allow myself to splurge, but I’ve been trying to prioitize and focus on getting enough protein each day. Eggs and Greek yogurt are great sources for breakfast, then I try to eat salads and lean meats for lunch and dinner. Lately, my snacks have been green apples and string cheese.

Swimming in Hawaii – Griffin Guess

As far as supplements, I like organic, whole food vitamins that are food-derived and not synthetic. I take a prenatal, DHA, Vitamin D3, calcium, bioflavonoids and a probiotic. My doctor recommended these and they’ve worked for my sisters and me. The bioflavonoids are from citrus and really help keep your skin and tissues strong.

With your blood supply doubling and the baby stretching everything, it’s important to make sure you’re getting that extra support. It can really be a task to take these each day, but I like having the insurance that if my diet wasn’t perfect that day my baby is still covered.

I can’t believe I’m in my third trimester already! I feel like I have so much to do in preparation for my son’s arrival. This is the fun part though. I can’t wait to finish the nursery and do our birthing class.

My focus is now shifting from my pregnancy to my labor. That’s right — labor. Oh my…

Let me know if you agree with my midwife — leave me a comment or send me a Tweet!

— Marisa Miller

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