Mario Lopez Says New Son Santino Is 'the Most Chilled Out Baby so Far'

"He's probably going to save it all up for later on, so he'll explode with all of his energy," the TV host tells PEOPLE of his new son, born July 8

It’s been two weeks, and baby Santino hasn’t tired Mario Lopez out — yet!

Since the arrival of his third child with wife Courtney on July 8, Lopez, 45, tells PEOPLE things have been going smoothly.

“He sleeps well, he’s the most chilled out baby so far,” the TV host says. “Which means he’s probably going to save it all up for later on, so he’ll explode with all of his energy.”

As the Lopez parents balance raising their new member with sending daughter Gia and son Dominic back to school, they have some help. For one, Dominic, 5½, is starting kindergarten at the same school as Gia, 8½, who’s “excited to show him around.”

Mario Lopez Courtney baby
Mario Lopez/Instagram. Inset: Paul Archuleta/Getty

Along with that, Mario has partnered with Office Depot to make their transition easier.

“You never stop really being a dad,” Lopez says. “My wife and I are hands-on parents, and we want our kids to be prepared with a great advantage in the classroom with the school year coming up.”

Mario Lopez Back to school
Mario Lopez with son Dominic and daughter Gia. Office Depot

Both kids have taken well to their new baby brother, Lopez adds. He told The Talk earlier this month the kids had been “campaigning” — Gia wanted a sister and Dominic wanted a brother — because the family didn’t find out the sex of the baby beforehand.

“Now that he’s here, they’re ecstatic, they’re obsessed with him right now,” Lopez adds. “But then again, he’s only 2 weeks old, so we’ll see if that changes!”

The arrival of Santino is just one of many changes in Lopez’s life right now; most notably, he just announced his move to Access Hollywood this fall, after more than a decade at Extra.

“I’m really excited, looking forward to kicking it off Monday, Sept. 9 — which happens to be my son Dominic’s birthday, so it’s a good day,” says Lopez. “I think this is a smart time to transition to the next state, and I’m real grateful for this opportunity.”

He’s also busy hosting HGTV’s pool makeover show Supersize My Pool and beginning to produce a new Netflix sitcom, The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.

Yet he’s kept time to relax with friends as well, including castmates from Saved by the Bell, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in August. Just last week, Mario took his children to a playdate with costar Tiffani Thiessen’s daughter and son.

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“I’m happy to say I still get along with everybody and stayed in touch, so it’s nice,” Lopez says. “Everybody’s moved on, got their own kids. I think that’s cool.”

To Lopez, that’s part of putting being a father first.

“I make [my kids] a priority, no matter how busy I am. I’m pretty good about coming home in time for their activities and to have dinner with them,” he says. “Fortunately, I’ve been able to pull it off and get nice support from an understanding wife.”

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