November 22, 2013 10:00 AM

It was a family affair as Mario Lopez introduced Ellen DeGeneres to his 10-week-old son, Dominic, on her show Friday.

The Extra and X Factor host, 40, brought along 3-year-old daughter Gia Francesca and wife Courtney, and says having the whole gang around is par for the course — everyone came to town in September to welcome their little boy into the world.

“I had my sister and her four kids, my mom, [Courtney’s] mom, my dad and my 90-year-old grandmother … I like the chaos and everybody at the house,” he explains.

“We didn’t know what we were having, we waited to find out. Once the baby’s here, people come and they sip on whatever they want to sip on and they see the baby. A sip and see is a party and the baby is the focus — a much cooler deal than a baby shower.”

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Bringing little Nico, as the couple call the baby, out onto the stage alongside his wife and daughter, Lopez’s excitement was contagious as he held his son with both hands.

“I have to do the official, like The Lion King,'” he joked as he showed the baby off by holding him in the air, Mufasa and Simba-style.

As for the newly minted big sister, Lopez admitted that Gia wasn’t sure about her baby brother at first.

“Initially she had an attitude, like, ‘How long is this kid going to stick around?’ She even said one time in the car, ‘Daddy, is Dominic going to be there when we get home?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, he’s gonna be there. You better get used to him,'” Lopez said. “But now she’s very protective, and it’s like, ‘You better be careful with my baby. Isn’t he cute?'”

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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