Mario Lopez on His Daughter Getting a Phone for Christmas: I Didn't Have One Until My 'Late 20s'

"She wanted an iPhone - not that she's making a lot of calls," Lopez tells Ellen DeGeneres

The holidays may have come and gone, but Ellen DeGeneres is still all about giving her audience the gift of a good view.

On Tuesday’s epside of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, DeGeneres shared a snapshot of guest Mario Lopez on Christmas Eve — wearing nothing but underwear.

“My wife is so shady — I was putting presents out before Santa came the next day and she took a picture. I kick it in my underwear!” Lopez, 42, explains.

Although the dad of two can be seen holding a large wrapped box — a building set for his son — the Extra host admits at the top of 2-year-old Nico‘s wish list was a light saber.

“He was all fired up about getting a light saber. That was his big deal,” says Lopez. “We had light saber fights … I love getting to be a kid again and having this whole Star Wars experience again.”

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But it was daughter Gia Francesca‘s present that threw Lopez for a loop. “She wanted an iPhone — not that she’s making a lot of calls,” he shares. “I didn’t even have a phone until my late 20s, here she is at 5 years old.”

He adds, “She plays games on it, there’s some cool little learning games, and she FaceTimes either my mom or her cousins.”

The sibling set are also busy learning Spanish. “My son sounds like he’s from San Antonio, Texas, because he speaks Spanglish,” Lopez explains. “He’ll speak half and half. He’s like, ‘Daddy, where’s my zapatos?’ ”

And while Gia’s Spanish “is a little better,” the proud dad admits she’s also mastered another language. “She sounds like a little teenager from the valley ,” he jokes. “It’s funny how quick they grow.”

Although his kids are getting big, Lopez says wife Courtney is “on board” with having another baby.

“We’re going for number three, hopefully we’ll get blessed,” Lopez reveals. “We gotta have a tie breaker — girl or boy.”

— Anya Leon

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