Mario Lopez Can't Wait to Have More Kids

The Extra host wants them sooner rather than later, but he'll have to convince girlfriend Courtney Mazza first

Mario Lopez has been bitten by the daddy bug.

The Extra host, who welcomed his now 8-week-old daughter, Gia Francesca, with girlfriend Courtney Mazza in September, is already pressing for more kids — though he and Mazza apparently differ on just how soon that might happen.

“I definitely want more kids. I’d love three or four, to be honest,” Lopez, 37, says in an interview airing Friday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

And how does Mazza feel about that? “She’s like, one at a time,” Lopez says. “She’s cool with that. She definitely wants them, but I kind of want them right away, and that’s where we have our differences.”

Lopez thinks it’s best for siblings to be close in age. “I was raised close in age,” he says. “When there is too much of a gap … I don’t know, I just think it would be cooler.”

Asked if he plans to propose to Mazza, his girlfriend of two years, Lopez replies: “If she’ll have me. The jury is still out on whether she wants to keep me.” He adds with a laugh: “She is, at least, stuck with me … because of the baby.”

— Tim Nudd

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