Why Michael Bolton Isn't Allowed to Put His Grandkids to Bed and More Sweet Stories from Famous Grandparents

"It's just such a great source of joy, looking in their eyes," Michael Bolton says of grandparenthood

They may be super-famous, but for some stars, the best role is that of grandparent.

In separate chats with People Now, Lorna Luft, Michael Bolton and Marie Osmond opened up about some of their most special moments with their grandkids, seemingly topping any awards these three have won.

For Luft, who has three grandchildren, ages 4 and 2, it’s been special to watch the kids realize they’re related to the one and only Judy Garland.

“They heard her voice on the radio,” Luft, Garland’s 66-year-old daughter, recalled. “My 4-year-old looked at me and said, ‘GG, that’s Triple G.’ They’re beginning to know their legacy.”

In Bolton’s case, it’s the quiet moments that mean the most.

“It’s just such a great source of joy, looking in their eyes,” the 65-year-old singer said of connecting with his six grandkids, who range in age from 2 to 8.

However, his daughters have one rule for “GPa,” as he’s called.

“I’m not going to be putting [the grandkids] to sleep,” he said. “Ten minutes after they think the kids are going to sleep and I’m reading to them … I’m chasing them around the room!”

Osmond, meanwhile, has four young grandkids — and according to a video shared with People Now, one definitely has that star quality. However, Osmond, 59, isn’t pushing him any one way.

“It’s going to be really fun to see what they become,” she shared.

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