Carey, who doesn't know her unborn baby's sex, may stick with "gender neutral" colors

By Sara Hammel
November 02, 2010 03:00 PM
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Mariah Carey doesn’t know the sex of her unborn baby, but she does know that she’s not going the predictable pink or blue route for the nursery.

“I’m not going to impose pink on a girl,” Carey says on Tuesday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Do you think I’m really going to go that hard with it? That’s how you get the exact opposite.”

DeGeneres doesn’t buy her protests, however. “When that baby comes out you’re going to have high heels on it like immediately,” she tells Carey. “Little, tiny high heel shoes on that baby.”

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In a guessing mood, even though Carey and husband Nick Cannon aren’t, DeGeneres asks, “Can I guess the sex? Do you mind?”

“I would prefer not,” Carey says. “Because imagine if you’re a baby inside someone’s body. Do you really want someone imposing their sex ideas on you? Not really? I’m just saying. Would you want them to be like it’s definitely a girl would you?

Carey, 41, finally announced her pregnancy last week and says she still feels sick now and then. “I get a little nauseous,” she says. “It’s like a constant ugh.”