"It's been a good morning with all the congratulations," he says after announcing the news that wife Mariah Carey is pregnant
Credit: National Photo Group

Now that the news is officially out, parents-to-be Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have one more pressing question to answer: Will the nursery be blue or pink?

It’s one they don’t have the answer to quite yet, according to Cannon, who addressed rumors that they are expecting a baby boy.

“There’s no truth to that. We don’t know the sex of our child,” Cannon, 30, said on his radio show Thursday morning. “But it’s strange how that stuff comes out at almost the same time.”

The couple has faced intense media speculation since Carey, 41, pulled out of a role in Tyler Perry’s film For Colored Girls last May.

“It’s weird how the media can get involved with your personal life because even when you want to share something, it’s hard to share the truth – because people already spoiled it,” Cannon says. “It kinda makes the truth cloudy.”

Regardless, he says it’s been an exciting morning, now that the couple’s baby news is out there.

“It’s a happy moment,” he said. “I’m usually not at a loss of words, but it’s been a good morning with all the congratulations and all that stuff, and speaking to my wife.”