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Updated October 23, 2008 02:00 PM

As a woman in today's society, it is often too simple to be separated into two categories when it comes to having a family: the choice to continue on the career path or the option to become a stay-at-home mom. Taking the stage as the key speaker for this year's Women's Conference, Maria Shriver sympathizes with women who try to balance both and hopes to send a message to "empower women to be who they are." Whether a family is made up of both parents who work or with one parent who holds down the homefront, Maria's goal is for women to not want to "be somebody else [and] not to be competing with somebody, but to be yourself and then feel that and pass it on." For women who once had a career or have "dropped out" of their employment situation to raise a family and find themselves amidst their children contemplating, "what am I supposed to be doing," Maria is quick to reassure her fellow moms that they are fulfilling one of the greatest responsibilities in life.

A mom herself to four children — Katherine Eunice, 18, Christina Maria Aurelia, 17, Patrick Arnold Shriver, 15, and Christopher Sargent Shriver, 11 — Maria opened up in an interview with Mom Logic and for the first time ever, recalled her most embarrassing mom moment! What started off as a rushed morning with Maria driving her daughters to their championship softball game, ended with the 52-year-old feeling "harassed." After parking, Maria "jumped out [of the car] and ran across the street" to watch her girls play ball. Finally able to sit back and enjoy the game, Maria remembers the strange feeling that overcame her to be "instant," as she pondered the sudden sense of relaxation — a feeling she calls "weird" as she realized "there is something missing here." Says Maria,

Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher are Maria's children with her husband, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Source: Mom Logic