Maren Morris Speaks Out on Mom Shaming - and Why She Won't Show Son's 'Face in Photos' Anymore

"I can take someone saying my music sucks or I'm ruining country music, but … the mother card, I can't emotionally handle right now," said Maren Morris

Maren Morris is reflecting on the mom shaming she has received, and how it is affecting her social media habits in regards to her son going forward.

On Wednesday night's at-home episode of Watch What Happens Live, the country singer told host Andy Cohen that she didn't think she would show 4-month-old son Hayes Andrew's "face in photos on social media anymore," after she was recently on the receiving end of some critical comments about a photo of her with Hayes on a float.

"I'm gonna be a little more private about [Hayes]," said Morris, 30. "It's been so fun sharing photos of him, but I feel like ... you know, I can take someone saying my music sucks or I'm ruining country music, but for some reason, the mother card, I can't emotionally handle right now. So I was like, 'I'm just gonna protect myself and him from it.' "

"But I will say, he was completely safe," noted the mother of one. "We were tied to a dock; I was in a foot of water on a float to get a photo."

"The Bones" singer went on to agree with Cohen, 52, who quipped that "people are a--holes on social media," replying, "They really are."

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Maren Morris on Mom-Shaming from Other Mothers
Maren Morris. Watch What Happens Live/YouTube

In general, Morris believes that "anyone that is a mother who is shaming another mother, it ... probably comes from just a deep insecurity in your own motherhood that you have to criticize someone else."

"Especially [someone who's] brand-new at this. And we all feel like we suck in the beginning anyway," she said.

Morris' husband Ryan Hurd came to her defense after she shared the June 30 photo, which garnered comments like, "Where is the baby's life jacket???" from one fan on Twitter.

Hurd, 33, quickly came to the "My Church" singer's defense, firing back at critics with, "I'd like to say, my wife usually doesn't need me to defend her, but she's a great mom, and my kid was not unsafe on a float in 1 feet of water being held by an adult with 5 people watching so she could get a picture."

Maren Morris
Maren Morris. Maren Morris/Instagram

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More recently, Morris clapped back at a commenter on social media who took issue with the nursing mom's body, after she posted a pair of photos on Instagram showing off her newly done hair and modeled the look in a revealing, light-blue top that showed off her cleavage.

"Wavy hair as the camera is only on your t--s . Yes it's distasteful for sure," wrote the commenter. "If your caption reads wavy hair maybe keep the focus on the hair, or perhaps make the caption big boobs ? Just saying like holy cow. Everything in this world doesn't make sense anymore, clearly these littles don't have much to look up to either."

Morris eventually dismissed the commenter, replying to the user and laughing off her message. "Girl BYE. Don't let my boobs knock you on the way out. 😂👋," responded the singer.

Also in the comment section, Hurd left a playful note to his wife, writing simply, "Great hair," to which she wrote back, "I knew you'd notice." Her friend Karina Argow joked about the country songstress's busty figure and her caption about waves, writing, "Let's get a motorboat out on those wavesssss." Morris jested back, "Girl these are temporary. Yours are for lyfe. 😂"

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