Maren Morris Felt 'Isolated' and 'Lonely' After C-Section: 'I Wish People Talked More About' It

"I just wish I had done a better job at preparing myself for the shock of a c-section," Maren Morris tells Little Spoon

Maren Morris is remembering both the physical and emotional difficulties following her "unintended" cesarean section to deliver son Hayes Andrew, now 4 months old.

In a new video for Little Spoon's Is This Normal surrounding her support for the Black Women's Health Imperative, the new mom, 30, reveals that since she was "not planning for a c-section," she "didn't read up on" the procedure beforehand and now wishes she had.

"I labored for 30 hours, wanted to do it naturally, but I stopped having contractions and it was just time to call it and get him out safely," says Morris. "So I just wish I had done a better job at preparing myself for the shock of a c-section, because the postpartum of a c-section is so brutal."

For example, the country star's husband Ryan Hurd "would have to lift [her] out of bed" before she could do so safely herself. "You can't use any of your abdominal muscles," she says. "I had to army crawl to get out of bed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night."

"And you're also wanting to hold your baby and breastfeed and pump and all this other s---, so that was crazy," the "My Church" singer adds.

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Maren Morris. Little Spoon/Youtube

Morris recalls feeling "really isolated" and "really lonely" following her son's birth, because she just didn't hear stories about c-sections the way she would've hoped to before experiencing one herself.

"I wish people talked more about their c-section stories because I felt, like a lot of mothers, really isolated, really lonely, right after because it was this unexpected major surgery I ended up getting," she explains.

But now, at four months postpartum, Morris is feeling "a lot better" and has "been cleared by [her] doctor to work out" — something that helps her feel a more personal sense of ownership over her body again.

"It's nice to engage yourself and feel like you're getting back into your body a little bit because it's been borrowed for a year," she says. "You will come back — you will snap back, [but] it takes time. It takes nine months to grow a baby. You need at least that to get back to yourself, so don't rush it."

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Four days after Hayes' arrival, Morris revealed in an impassioned Instagram post that she had endured "30 hours of labor" that "ended with an emergency c-section."

"Not what we planned but I learned pretty quickly that night that having a plan for bringing a human into the world is a fool's errand," she continued in her caption alongside a sweet photo of baby Hayes looking right into the camera as Hurd, 33, held his son in his arms. "All that mattered was that he got here safely."

The "Girl" singer went on to express the couple's "admiration" for her medical team, including "the doctors, nurses + healthcare professionals that took care of Hayes & me during our stay" — an amount of gratitude that "cannot be measured in this post."

"I can't thank every single mother enough for going through what you've gone through because I had NO idea how hard it could be, and I'm a measly 4 days in," Morris added. "The world is changing before our eyes and so am I. That's been a peaceful thing to cling to during these uncertain times. Thinking of you all. 🖤"

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