Expectant mom Marcy Rylan knew that she would have fun picking out a wedding gown for her character’s wedding on Guiding Light, but the hilarity of what ensued caught even her off-guard! Together with show costume designer Shawn Dudley, the 28-year-old actress visited a bridal shop in New York City to find the perfect gown for her mock wedding. “We go running into this bridal shop and everyone there is actually getting married,” she explains. “He’s like, ‘What do you want?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t care! Something to cover up the belly in the front!'” Her request raised a few eyebrows! Marcy recalls,

The fun didn’t end there, though. After the pair picked out dresses for Marcy to try on, they headed to the dressing rooms only to find that they were full. Because Marcy and Shawn “didn’t have time [to wait],” they instead put the dresses on over her clothes. “There I am with my big belly,” Marcy recalls, “[and] some poor girl’s dad was looking at me like I’m his worst nightmare!”

Marcy and her fiancé Don Mooney expect their first child in mid-October.

– Angela